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Original Unsorted Used Clothing

We can provide your company with a reliable continuous supply of original, unsorted & untouched used clothing from £1.20 per KG.

This is stock that would have been brought into our facility here in Rochdale from various collection points across the UK and gone through our production process which includes a sorting line whereby we remove non-textile items as well as Duvets and Pillows.

Here we explain our process briefly for you.

1. We remove the obvious rubbish at site.

2. We bring the clothing over to our facility here in Rochdale

3. We run the clothing down our production line. Our team of experienced sorters pull out the following and place them in purpose-built and designated bins lined up alongside the conveyor;-

Duvets, Pillows, Metal, Electricals, Electronics, Glass, Crockery, Toys, Plastic bags, Plastic, Cardboard, Wet clothing, General waste and any other non-textile items.

4. The result after pulling out the above is our unique product which is quite distinct on the market in terms of quality. This is then bagged by our automated bagging system into Botany bags ranging between 110 kg and 130 kg each. The bags are secured by a knotted draw cord instead of being sewn up.

5. We load the stock in such a way that you get between 18 and 20 tonnes per full load (standard 13.6 LDM trailer or 40ft HC Shipping Container). We can achieve even more if loading a 45ft HC Shipping Container. This reduces your unit cost of transport.

We believe that you will get a more profitable product due to the quality and loading.

Please call Charles on 07801 684700 for more info.