Second Hand Used Clothes 25 KG Wholesale Women's Summer Mix UK Market Grade A £3.95 Per Kilo -

(BBWA25S) Second Hand Used Clothes Wholesale Women's Summer Mix UK Market Grade A 100KG x £3.20 Per Kg

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Job lot good quality wholesale second hand clothes

    Parcels will consist of mostly the UK high street famous brands. Items can include; tops, skirts, shorts, dresses, blouses, trousers, leggings, jumpers etc

    Brand names can include: H&M, Cherokee, Atmosphere, TU, Matalan, George, F&F, Peacocks, Nutmeg, and many more UK high street brands, with a few generic brands.

    Please be aware: Your parcel will include garments which would be acceptable to wear in Spring/Summer Seasons. Trends and sizing will vary. No two parcels will be alike. We do our best to provide a varied choice, but not all items will be of ones particular tastes.

    Grade A consist of re-wearable items which should not have any holes, marks, bobbles, much visible wear-and-tear. However, occasionally a small percentage of B Grade items will slip through the checking stage due to human error.

    Pictures shown are only a representative of what you may receive. Please note: You are purchasing second-hand clothes (NOT NEW)

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