(MA36SPORT+) Second Hand Used Men's Sports Plus 36 Pieces Package

(MA36SPORT+) Second Hand Used Men's Sports Plus 36 Pieces Package

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Second Hand Grade A Quality consisting of 36 garments which can include; trousers, shorts, jeans, tops, t-shirts, jumpers, jackets etc...

  • 18 pieces of Men's Cream
    Brands include; Zara, Burtons, M&S, Next, River Island, Top Man, Fat Face... etc
  • 6 pieces of Men's Designer 1
    Brands include; Nike, Puma, Adidas, Tommy Hilfiger, Ralph Lauren, Superdry, Reebok... etc
  • 6 pieces of Men's Designer 2
    Brands include; Umbro, Slazenger, Gap, Lonsdale... etc
  • 3 pieces of Men's NEW 
    Can be any garment suitable for a man for any season - UK store labels
  • 3 pairs of Men's trainers/branded shoes
    Sizing and trends may vary - Brands include; Nike, Adidas, Vans, Timberland... etc

Please be aware: Your parcel will include garments which would be acceptable to wear in All Seasons. Trends and sizing will vary. No two parcels will be alike. We do our best to provide a varied choice, but not all items will be of ones particular tastes.

Grade A consist of re-wearable items which should not have any holes, marks, bobbles, much visible wear-and-tear. However, occasionally a small percentage of B Grade items will slip through the checking stage due to human error.

Pictures shown are only a representative of what you may receive. Please note: You are purchasing second-hand clothes (NOT NEW)

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