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Grades and Quality Information

Grades refers to the overall quality of the clothes

 Grade A shows no apparent signs of wear, no marks or very small marks to the eye that would be easily removable, minimal defects are acceptable and should be in a near perfect re-wearable state. Please be aware this is second hand clothing. Labels can be from any UK high street brands and other generic labels. However please note these are not new clothes so they will not appear as crisp as a new garment.

Grade B is all rewearable and fantastic value for money, but does show signs of wear, will contain any of the following, bobbling, fading, small marks, maybe a small tare or a button missing. This is great for example, car boot sales, up cycling and export markets.  

Cream shows no apparent signs of wear, no marks or holes and is in near perfect re-wearable state. Labels will include better High Street names such as Next, Wallis, Marks & Spencer, Debenhams, Top Shop, Miss Selfridge, River Island Zara etc. There will also be more attention to detail.

Unsorted / Original: Please note our unsorted stocks are literally unsorted so you will receive all the grades above. 

How many pieces in a kilogram?

Probably our most asked question. Here are some rough figures to give you an approximate idea of how many pieces you receive to a kilogram. Please note the figures below are an average, you may receive slightly more or less, depending on weight of the individual garments. 

Ladies summer mix = 6 to 7 garments.

Ladies winter mix = 4 to 5 garments.

Men's all seasons = 3 to 4 garments.

Kids summer mix = 6 to 7 garments.

Kids winter mix = 5 to 6 garments. 

Can I return my order if I do not like the styles?

We cannot guarantee exact garment styles, gender, sizes and if style matching is a requirement for you then we suggest you visit our warehouse to view our stocks prior to purchasing as we charge a 25% restocking fee (of the total amount on your order) on all returns, also all shipping costs to and from the recipient to be covered by the customer. Please note we do not accept returns on B Grade  or Unsorted Clothing and if you are unsure we suggest you visit us.

Please also note that the garments are second hand and not new so all used clothing has some smell one of the smells can be moth balls which is to protect the clothing this can have a petroleum like smell. 

Also please note we do not accept return or cancellations on the fact that if the address has been given incorrectly. Once the address has been given to us we will use this as for delivery.

We do not accept abuse or bad language to any of our staff and will always try our best to accommodate any problems.

How long does UK shipping take?

Please note that all orders are handpicked by one of our team so therefore it can take time to ensure you get the best items from us. We advise that orders can take up to 5 working days to pick. 
However please note that we do not take responsibility for any delays regarding shipping .  We use reputable shipping services only.

UK Nationwide shipping service is available at £11.50 for a 25kg carton and £8.50 per carton thereafter within the same consignment (shipment)

Do you ship internationally?

We deliver direct to most European countries and can assist in arranging shipments worldwide.

Please refer to our shipping page for rates.  However please note that we do not take responsibility for any delays regarding shipping.  We use reputable shipping services only.


Please look at our international shipping prices for Europe. We can request a shipping price for any countries not shown.


Please contact us for prices. Africa we can help you find a shipper.

From the day of dispatch from our warehouse, your goods will be delivered  with 24/48 hours. You will receive a tracking number from us.

How do I arrange a warehouse visit?

Our Warehouse is open for warehouse visits, Monday to Friday from 8am to 3pm.

Saturday mornings by arrangement with prior notice.

Please note we do not allow hand picking

Please call 07801684700 to make your appointment.

Can I cancel my order?

All deposits are strictly non refundable.

Please note that all Bespoke orders are non refundable, please be aware that these have been picked for customers especially  for them and takes our staff a considerable amount of time.

Website orders cancellations are on discretiion of management. We however will consider a 25% restocking fee.

Once  stock has left our warehouse it your responsibility for the stock and no refunds can be done.

We will not take responsibility for wrong or incomplete  addresses given to us. If this happens it is your responsibilty and orders can not be cancelled.

 We will not accept returns or  refund for B Grade Goods or Unsorted stocks as mentioned on these pages.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept all major credit cards, Paypal and direct bank transfers.

Cash is also accepted at our warehouse.

Mixed Season or Summer Parcels What can I expect?


Parcels consisting of mixed season will be any garment from winter or summer  such as trousers, skirts, blouses, shirts, knitwear, light/ heavy jackets. 


Parcels consisting of summer stock will include the above  apart from heavy winter jackets, knitwear, heavy sweatshirts/  You will get jeans, light jackets, long sleeve t-shirts. light sweatshirts. IF YOU HAVE ANY QUERIES PLEASE DO NOT HESITATE TO CONTACTING US AT 01706 769219 OR Email us at

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