Second Hand Used Women Shoes 50 KG Wholesale Grade B £1.50 per KG

Second Hand Used Women Shoes 50 KG Wholesale Grade B £1.50 per KG

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50 KG Job lot premium quality wholesale second hand shoes, £1.50 KG 
    assorted Women's mix
    All the top UK high street famous brands
    Good mix of assorted of styles and sizes in every lot
    Warehouse visits welcome, please make an appointment
    Please note: we are suppliers of second hand clothing, our premium products are hand checked for quality to ensure there are no defects, unfortunately as we are supplying second hand products it is inevitable that the odd defect may slip through the net which we can not be accountable for.
    Please be rest assured that we strive to ensure the best quality products for your business.
    Please note that every parcel is unique and may not always be styles you always like. We will do our best to give you a varied choice.
    We cannot accept returns on the fact that some styles are not your desired choice. We do endeavour to supply a quality product at a fair price and trust you will be happy with them. 

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